'Must Catch Up!

by - Friday, January 22, 2010

After the Facebook tension I faced yesterday, it didn't took awhile when the internet's speed drastically slowed down. I took a break from my computer, sat on one corner of the living room, had some coffee and patiently waited until my nevers calmed down.

Studying online is already a huge challenge for me and for the internet to act that way yesterday has tested my patience so much. There are really days of happiness and disappointments and that no matter how hard we try to keep up with the pace, something at some point will drag our momentum down. *deep sigh*

After dinner, I asked my boyfriend to help me with my internet speed enigma. My boyfriend was able to locate and fix the problem in no time. He also patiently taught me ways on how to fix the internet issue on my own and some tricks on how to increase pc speed just in case the same trouble would hunt me again. All I'd need to do is to remember the techniques I learned from him and had them applied whenever necessary.

I am now back to reading my school projects and assignments online. I haven't been able to accomplish so much during the first week of school which means I must spend some of my Saturday and Sunday hours to catch up with everything. For as long everything goes on smoothly, I am certain that I will be able to submit everything on time.

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. yeay for handy boyfriend.. lucky of me I have a handy hubby too maxi.. hehehe

  2. True LJ! Good that we have handy partners! Otherwise, I might still be having internet issues up to this moment. *DONT_KNOW*

    Have a great day LJ!

  3. Yeah Maxi, you can chalk that up as one of those bad days. It happens to us all, but I'm glad you were to get this all under control. Your BF was a big help, and that's always helpful to have someone with knowledge of issues like he does.

    Happy Friday my very dear blugging friend! :* ;) :)

  4. Thanks David! My whole FB issue isn't 100% fixed yet. I only discovered that today when I need to reset my password everytime I log in to FB. Very very annoying which is why I am thinking of maybe closing that account already and just open a new one. I am tired to resetting the password all the time. If this will still take place in days to come, no choice but to kill my old FB account.

    And yup. BF was so much of a help. His patience is really a blessing.

    Have agreat day, too my blugging friend! :-D

  5. glad to hear that yr BF was able to fix the problem Maxi! Hope all continues to go smoothly.. :)

  6. pretty much sure its back.. if sometime my provider is slow because of some updates.... i would sit on the couch play wii games or ds games to amuse myself... hehehhe

  7. Thanks Monica. I hope so, too. So far, everything's doing alright. ;)

  8. Hello Novah. Always nice to see you here.

    I do videoke sometimes when in the mood and when the internet's down. ;) WII games are fun, too!

  9. Scotty's Princess23 January 2010 at 02:05


    FC! Hehehehe!

  10. Scotty's Princess23 January 2010 at 02:07

    It's great to have a BF that you can count on when things get so tough.

    A job well done for successfully hurdling the issues at hand, Pretty Maxi!

    See yah!
    :* :* :* :*

  11. Sorry to hear about the FB issue, but more importantly, glad to hear that the computer is running better. Great job Janne!

    Study hard this weekend - and surprise - I answered your tag! :)

  12. cheers to Tito BF te max..buti nlng nafix agad!!! ;) ;) ;) ;)

  13. hugsy to you te max!!! ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

  14. Oh my! I haven't joined FC yet, Lainy! I want to but I am not sure if I can check my blog from time to time and post the FC... But I will be joining one day soon! Maybe after my vacation. Thanks for the reminder!!! Hugs!

  15. True Lainy. One day your prince will be helping you out with the things you can't fix yourself. I am so excited for you! ;)

  16. Thanks a lot for answering the tag, Frank! Been there and read the whole post and yes *blush blush* :* :*

    Thanks agian for the kind words. ;)

    The FB issue's not yet totally fixed. I still have so many issues to take care of. However, I am just happy that I can log in (somehow) and check for comments and PMs.

    Have a great day Frank! :-D

  17. cheers to the max! :*

  18. Hugs to you, too GG! :)


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