Three Cute Little Girl Dresses

by - Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am certain that noone will argue with the opinion that kids are cute and very adorable. (Oh how I wish to be a kid again!)

I am not a mom yet but when that moment arrives, I will definitely enjoy spending time with my baby and shopping clothes for her (or him). Since I usually go for dresses instead of pants, my baby girl will be (more or less) just like her mom! I will be visiting children's clothing stores most of the time hunting for cute baby dresses. Aside from checking kid stores, a lot of my mommy friends are taking time to visit blogs intended for kids and parenting for helpful information and tips which I will undoubtedly find myself doing myself one day, too.

Thinking of cute dresses for girls, I have found three really charming ones:

First up is the Seoul Plaid Dress. The dark blue trims at the neckline, waistband and ends of the sleeves make this dress really cute. It has two pockets, one on each side. This dress is made from 100% cotton.

Second on the list of "cuteness" is this Kiso Dress in pink. Made from 100% cotton, its wrap styling gives this piece a modern Japanese like look. I also like the brown lining and the ribbon. These tiny details add more beauty to this Kiso dress.

Third in line is the Korea Stripe Dress. The playful stripes in red and blue and the printed flowers boost the "wow and girly" factors of this garment. Its blue rib waistband turns it into a Korean styled dress. Beautiful! Just like the first two, this striped item is also made from 100% cotton.

If you are looking for beautifully designed dresses for babies or little girls, go check these pieces out yourself. I will probably purchase a Korea Stripe Dress for my friend's little angel as a gift on her first birthday.

Have a nice day shopping everyone!

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  1. Having had three sons, I never got to shop for cute things like this!

  2. those are tiny little cute dresses.... that would fits for my nieces... love it

  3. Hello Carmen! Well maybe when you get to have a granddaughter or more, you will surely have the opportunity to buy these cute items.

    Have a wonderful day Carmen. ;)

  4. Hello Nova. Yup! Really cute. Will surely be good for your nieces. :*

  5. i love your selection of these dresses. they are absolutely charming. :)

    thanks for stopping by today. have a great week ahead.

  6. Thanks a lot! Yup. Really really cute!

    You are welcome by the way and thanks, too for dropping by here! ;)


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