Tuesday Update About Maxi's Travel

by - Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Only a few more days left before I will eventually be taking glimpses of Filipino smiles, be with my family and meet my friends. The excitement and thrill are already filling the air! My flight is scheduled to depart at 3.04PM on the 30th of January (Saturday). I will be traveling with Mikael, Madde’s “special friend” and we will be arriving at the NAIA Airport the following day at 11.55PM. It is going to be a long and tiresome journey but the sacrifice will surely be worth it.

Our itinerary is still almost empty. Just lately we’ve thought of spending at least a week in Davao City instead of just staying in Metro Manila the whole time. Although I’ve grown up in Davao, I have to admit that I consider myself a tourist in the city which adopted me for years. Creating our detailed plan of journey will surely be a challenge – but as always, it will be set somehow.

Included in my what-to-do journal is to look for Philippine postcards. I’ve already created a list of family members and friends (Oh my! That’s a lot!) back here in Sweden who I will be sending the cards to. I still haven’t finished writing down their addresses but I am confident that I can have that sorted out tomorrow. I’ve had this experience the last time we’ve been to the Philippines (July 2009) when some postcards we’ve mailed a couple of weeks before flying back home arrived a week later. It has been much of a disappointed. I hope this time around, my postcards are going to arrive a lot earlier than me.

Happy Tuesday everybody!

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