Update On My Manila Vacation And A Tag From Tony

by - Thursday, January 21, 2010

After the tedious and very stressful more than a week search for Stockholm-Manila-Stockholm flights, I am so glad that this morning, everything has been sorted out. Just some tiny more details to attend to and a few concerns to fix and I'm already on my way to Manila for a one month vacation with Madde (my boyfriend's little sister) and her boyfriend. I can now continue my Thursday with less emotional and mental strains.

Now that the situation's under control, I can spend a little time responding to another tag which has been passed on to me by my new found friend Tony of Artisan of the Human Spirit. I've met Tony through one of Facebook's apps, NetworkedBlogs. Through this app, I've followed his blog and he's followed mine. The friendship has blossomed from that point which is something cool, I guess. If you have time, visit Tony's blog. You'll find a lot of interesting posts in there. (Revelation: My itsy-bitsy brain couldn't figure out the meaning of artisan which was why I asked dictionary.com for help. Good thing that the online dictionary did not let me down. Oh my! *embarrassed*)
So back to the tag: Happy 101

* I am to list ten things that make me happy, and to share the award with ten blogs I like. So here it goes:
1.) One thing that really makes me happy is knowing that others (especially the people who matter most to me) are happy. There's no better feeling than that.

2.) Traveling with Bebe (although I will not be spending the Philippine vacation with him this time due to his work)

3.) Learning a new language is something I've never thought I'll be passionate about. Since my boyfriend and I enjoy the idea of going around the world one day, knowing different languages will surely come in handy.

4.) Baking eases away my stress.

5.) Watching movies at home with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of cold Coke. *simple pleasures*

6.) Being mentioned in BWE and being tagged by my blogger friends although I usually have difficulties responding on their tags (sorry about that but I know my friends understand that at times my schedule really gets too overloaded with school matters).

7.) Meeting new friends both online (blogging, Facebook, etc) and offline.

8.) Getting reunited with long lost friends - such a wonderful experience.

9.) Updating my blogs whenever possible.

10.) Just having a wonderful day like today makes me so happy.

The ten friends I am going to tag are:


Quoted from Tony: "(This list is not in any certain order)
I know some do not "do" awards, if not I apologize. Just know I still wanted to give you the nod!"

Have a great day my friends!!! Hugs!

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  1. wow Maxi!! bakasyon na pud diay ka diri pinas, i know you're going to enjoy your vacay here again! hehehe...take care always and thanks pud sa support ha, mwahugs!!

  2. thanks ate maxi for tagging me!hehe!dun worri, one of these days, magrab ko yan! momoooch!

  3. sana magkita tau as u arrived here! :'( :'( :'( :'(

  4. baking!?!? weeeeeeeeeh! :-D :-D :-D

  5. me too!!! cooking fudams and baking, nakakaubos ako ng laman sa ref!haah..oweis pinapagalitan ni mummyhood!hahaha! :-P :-P :-P :-P

  6. te,fly ka mla-dgte..sama mu n rin mga in-laws mo,awp, bro in-law to be!hehehe!!! ;)

  7. Hi Maxi! ;) :)

    Great ten answers for this, and it's funny you actually tagged me twice in the entry when you mentioned BWE. For the record, I wish others in the promotion would be more proud to mention they perform there. LOL! I might have to resort to disciplinary action if they can't start appreciating it. LOL! Only kidding to those who read this! :-D :-D

    I'll post this whenever possible. I'm starting to get a run on being tagged again, and I have from yesterday to do, too.

    Thanks again my very dear blugging friend! :* ;) :)

  8. Mao lagi. bakasyon dala skwela. lisod jud bah. unta dili mapabayaan ang school. Challenge ni siya.

    Sa Manila ra pud lagi kutob. Next time pa ko makauli ug Davao.

    Welcome and thanks pud! Mwahugs.

  9. momooch back! :*

  10. Haha! Adto lagi ka Manila bah. :'(

  11. baking talaga! Yum! :-D

  12. Haha. spoiled ka kasi. You have everything you want sa iyong ref. Kainggit! :-D

  13. Haha! Kung pwede lang noh. Kaya lang, di na kasama sa budget ang fly to Dumaguete. Next time, promise! :-D :*

  14. I know and I understand... busy David! :-D :-D :-D

    No worries. Just grab it whenever you have the time.

    By the way, I no longer use BEDS. haha! Good for me! I will avoid getting banned from BWE! Yipee! :)

  15. Nice list and thanks for sharing the love with your freinds! Keep on bloggin and i will you see you around the blogosphere!
    Time to sip some real coffee!

  16. i have awarded you te, award back but not this one!hehehe

    happy blogging!

    Walking Newspaper
    Pinoy Medical Doctor
    The Latest Buzzzz

  17. huhuh!i cant.class pod namu :'( :'( :'( :'(

  18. pero inde n ngaun kasi may pamangkins n ako.hhuhuhu

  19. ;) ;) ;) ;) ok ok!ingat ka te!

  20. Thanks. will check this one. ;)

  21. mao lagi. kita kits nalang jud ta ani next time.

  22. Haha. Go sip some coffe Tony! See you more around!

  23. Thanks mi amiga this is a great little tag. It is always good to talk or think about the things that make you happy. Thanks again and will post it soon. Have a great trip to PI :) :)

  24. Haha. Kaw jud!

  25. Oo nga. yung pamangkins mo na ang i-spoil mo.

  26. Thanks a lot Bill! I hope that you will enjoy doing the tag. Hugs to you! TAke care and keep in touch. :-D

  27. awww thanks for tagging me sweetie! i love the lovely award too! :* :* :*

  28. Maxi, I find baking really stressful! :-D :-D :-D :-D

  29. You are welcome, Monica. I am glad that you like the award. :)

  30. Oh my! we look at it differently. Cool! :)

  31. Great list Maxi and much to appreciate.

    Baking isn't my thing, but I do enjoy cooking ... well, and eating too! :)

    Thanks for the tag, and I'll post mine sometime Saturday (your afternoon). Have a great weekend.

  32. Scotty's Princess23 January 2010 at 02:04

    Hi Maxi! Thanks for thinking of me. Just finished accomplishing this one here: http://www.scottzprincess.com/ ;)

  33. Thanks Frank! I've read the tag on your blog already. Thanks a lot for grabbing it! Hugs!

  34. Thanks a lot for grabbing the tag, Lainy. I am really really happy! :-D


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