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by - Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When my optometrist revealed to me the results of my eye exam, I wasn't really surprised at all. I knew that there was something wrong with my vision and that a pair of eyeglasses would help correct it. I was calm at first. I never expected that the price of frames would shock me. By that time, I started panicking. What more if I would already check how much the lens would cost me? No matter how my subconscious was rallying at the back of my head, I had no choice but to buy a pair of prescription glasses. So, with eyes closed, I purchased one.

If only I was a little wiser back then, I could have Googled some more and perhaps stumbled upon Eric's review on Zenni Optical's eyeglasses. I could have saved a huge amount of cash. *Sigh* But well, the damage had been done and the lesson had been learned.

At an amazing 8USD, I (and you) can get neatly designed Zenni Optical frames such as these three pieces:
Charming, aren't they? Lenses aren't expensive, too. Even an additional fee of 4.95 USD for an Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating isn't painful at all.

By the time the eyeglasses I am using now have to retire, I will be heading to the Zenni Optical online boutique and shop for a pair or two. I'll be a smarter shopper this time around.

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  1. I am supposed to wear glasses too Maxi, but I'm too stubborn to do so! :-D

  2. and I am allergic to contacts, so I figure I'd rather wear glasses than go blind, but I only wear it when no one can see me... :-D 8-) 8-)

  3. Hello Ane! ;)

  4. I was like that in the beginning. But when the headache wouldn't leave me, I forced myself to wear them. No more headaches since then. :-D

  5. Haha! I do not like wearing contacts myself. I am not allergic to contacts. I just find them annoying to wear. 8-)


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