Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew Season 3

by - Wednesday, February 03, 2010

To know that Tom Sizemore is one of the casts in the Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew show (season 3) has become a big surprise for me today. I have long known of his drug abuse through news and gossips and never really expected for Tom to get into Dr. Drew's program. He has been approached to appear on the very first season of Celebrity Rehab but has declined the opportunity. I have only taken a sneak peak of the reality show's latest season but I have to admit that it's going to be a very interesting one.
For the love of fashion, I usually stay tune on Tyra Bank's America's Next Top Model. Due to this fact, I have been able to recognize the face of one of the fashion reality tv show's most outrageous participants, Lisa D'Amato, the very moment her face was shown on the sneak peak video of the Celebrity Rehab. It's sad to know that she also buried herself with alcohol and drug abuse. What a waste!

Going back to Tom Sizemore, I've read somewhere that he has been arrested by the police in California for the possession of two bags of methamphetamine. Tom has been put behind bars for 9 months. Ouch (not his first though)! It is difficult to understand why people overuse drugs and become so dependent on them. For some (actually most) medicines prescription is a must. Although it is a common knowledge that overusage of prescription drugs can be health threatening (worse, it may result to death), some individuals like Tom use/overuse such drugs illegally.

Anyway, my only hope is for all the celebrities to have a successful treatment process under Dr. Drew's (and his team's) care. The entire rehabilitation process is going to be a struggle for them but for the celebrities who are willing to fight their addiction until the end and change their bewildered lives will have a better future in their remaining career years. If not, at least they will definitely have a better life.

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  1. Hi Maxie! Sorry it took a while to come visit you again... I was busy preparing for my youngest daughter's birthday.. Are u in pinas now? Hope you will have a great time there... Post some pics here when you get back.. ohh.. I can't wait to see them.. lol

    BTW, I also watched the previous seasons of celebrity rehab... I will try to watch this 3rd season...

    Just dropping by here right quick dear... Be back tomorrow..


  2. Its is very sad but a lot of the Hollywood celebrities do that. They are either alcoholics or drug addicts. i agree with you Maxie i hope the ones that do that get help before it is to late. Another great post dear friend. See you are :* ;)


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