Day 1: Quezon City, Philippines

by - Monday, February 01, 2010

Philippine Time: 12.30AM

The flight was long and tiresome but all in all nice. During flights, (Stockholm-London, London-Hong Kong and Hong Kong-Manila) I slept most of the hours and only woke up whenever the stewardess would inquire about what food on their menu I would want to have and/or I needed to go to the toilet. (I'll be writing a review later about Heathrow and [an additional review of the] Hong Kong airports and Cathay Pacific Airways)

My dad fetched me at the airport yesterday. We went home to his apartment in Quezon City after making sure that Mikael was going to the right terminal for his domestic flight to Cebu City.

The temperature was at +28°C upon arriving at NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Philippines), 12.05AM, February 1. It was so warm and humid that I started sweating by the time I exited the building to look for my dad (or make my dad look for me).

It felt good to be able to spend time with my father after some months of not seeing him. At around 4PM, I visited my aunt and cousins and stayed there for some hours.

I've been staying here at my dad's place (Quezon City) since the day of my arrival and will be heading to my mom's place in Bulacan tomorrow afternoon. I will be traveling to back to Manila in no time. Good to know that Bulacan's not far away from here.

I haven't had so much time blogging. I will try to update my blog again by the time I've reached Bulacan and spent hours with my mom and brothers. I haven't been blog hopping, too. That I will do when I have enough time left.

Have a nice day everyone! Hugs!

Emo mode: *is missing Bebe and her two cats*

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  1. ate maxi!!!welcome aboard!!! :-D :-D :-D

  2. Hi Maxi! :*

    I'm glad you made it there okay my friend! Looking forward to hearing from you soon! ;) :)

  3. te max, DM me or leave message sa blog ko if ur coming to ceb/dgte/dvo.lol! ;) ;) ;) ;)

  4. owss. ka sigi bah ug byahe oy.. di ba bag-o lang ka niuli?

  5. weee...dear max..maayong pag-abot!!! heheh..regards nalng tawn mi dha:)

  6. Hi Maxi! miss ya :* :* :* :*

  7. Glad the journey is over and you are in your homeland again. I know the family is so happy to see you. Get some rest and don't worry about blogging for awhile!

  8. Hey Maxi! :) If by any chance you see yourself coming up to Baguio, let me know okay! :) Have a great vacation! :)

  9. Thanks! :) :) :) :)

  10. Thanks a lot David! STill haven't been able to do a lot in Blogville. I do update my blogs once in awhile but still can't do some blog hopping.

    Have a great day! :) :) :)

  11. Will sure do GG! ;)

  12. Haha. July 2009 ko last niuli. Uli napud. Hope to see you kung makauli ko ug Davao. :)

  13. Salamat Janet! I regards tika sa tibuok Pinas! :)

  14. Hello Monica! Miss you, too. Can't blog hop yet... I do update my blogs but can't find enough time to blog hop yet. Will surely do that soon! hugs! ;)

  15. Thanks a lot Carmen! I am really delighted to see my family again and vice versa. Nice to be back home! ;)

  16. Hello Ane. That's nice of you! Might drive to Baguio some time but I guess on our next Philippine visit. My boyfriend's so interested to check Baguio out.

    Hugs to you!


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