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by - Tuesday, February 09, 2010

While walking the (almost) entire mall days ago, I could not stop my eyes from looking around. I was so eager to know what was new in the world of fashion in Manila. I noticed a lot of teenagers wearing headbands with decorative feathers on. Cute!

I can still recall a friend who has told me that wearing feather decorated headbands has long been out in the fashion world. However, the way I see it, feathers are always (and WILL always be) in. Feathers for me is a classic and will forever be a part of most women's collection of accessories.

I haven't really done it before but I've been considering the possibility of creating my own feather accessorized headband. For starters, I need to look for a particular design for me to follow. Something that will look elegant on me but not too complex to confuse me. After choosing a design, I will need to buy some decorative and craft feathers for projects that I can use. I have actually found some both online and offline but haven't still decided which one to go for. Otherwise, I can just purchase from both sources. After all, they do not really cost that much plus I can save some of the feathers for my future hair accessory projects. That's going to be handy in days to come.

I wonder if creating my own feather accessories is going to be my new hobby. Seems to be interesting actually. We'll see!

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  1. Sounds like a really nice idea. I like feathers, combined with sequins and crystals for a really fancy hairpiece, very elegant, especially with cocktail dresses.

  2. Yes Carmen. These pieces sure look so cute and elegant! I have bought two feather hairpieces in the Philippines during my vacation.



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