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by - Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I only have a couple of weeks and four days remaining until I fly back to Sweden. I am slowly going through my list of what-to-buy especially for my boyfriend back home. It will be a lot better for me to start shopping soon so I can attend to other important matters and specifically avoid stress.

My boyfriend does have a good selection of shirts and I am thinking of adding more to it. Since I haven't been out yesterday and today, I've Googled for online apparel stores. Luckily, I've found great deals on 7 Diamonds shirts and have forwarded the URL to my boyfriend. He might want to check the shirts out himself and order something from the website. I've picked out three of my favorites to recommended to my boyfriend (please refer to the photos below). I will be heading to the city tomorrow to pay for the reservation fee of the place where Madde, Micke and I will be staying from 18 February until the 28th. I will also be meeting a very good friend from gradeschool, George. Since George and I will meet at a mall in Quezon City, I will also take some time to look for more shirts for my Bebe. I hope to find at least four items for him tomorrow.

On the same website, I have also seen four really beautiful dresses I want to have on my wardrobe. These four dresses are on sale right now which makes me want to grab them at once. For the record, the second one's my favorite!
That's it for tonight! Night night everyone!

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  1. Hi Maxi ! suroy/shoping to the max jud na ba! regards ko kay george nalng and hey paki ask be if he knows any cheap, safe and clean acomodations to stay in hk, im going with 8 friends this July....hehehe, excited na ko! char ! :)

  2. What fun you're going to have shopping! I like all your dress choices...the black is my favorite. Nice that you'll have some new shirts for your sweetheart in your luggage! Have you had to buy an extra suitcase?

  3. Hello Trelms! I will be writing about that place we've stayed in HongKong in August of 2009. Not a five star hotel but it's clean, nice and near the train station and malls. Will let you know soon! Hugs!

  4. Hello CArmen!

    I bought four shirts for my boyfriend. He really liked them all!

    Glad to be back in Sweden! :)


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