Maxi's Fifth Day In The Philippines

by - Friday, February 05, 2010

Philippine Time: 9:00AM

Mission accomplished! Oh what a beautiful day!

On the fifth day of my Philippine vacation, I managed to wake up early today for the very first time. I chatted with my boyfriend (miss you Bebe!) up to 4 o'clock this morning *yawn* (blame that on the 7 hour time zone difference). I actually had my phone's alarm clock function set at 7AM just for fun. At 7, I successfully turned off the noisy alarm and went back to sleep. However, an hour and fifteen minutes later I heard my tummy's growling sound, left the bed and head off to the kitchen.

(the peaceful neighborhood of Bulacan)
The dining table had pandesal*, cheese, butter and coffee for my breakfast. However, I wanted to have something more so I opened the fridge, grabbed some eggs, took a pan, placed it on the gas stove, turned on the knob and had the look of disappointment on my face. We ran out of LPG**! My brother immediately ordered a replacement by just dialing a number on his mobile and 15 minutes later came Mr. LPG delivery guy knocking on our apartment's front door. It was a relief to know that a tiny petroleum distribution company in our area is only a few minutes away from our neighborhood.

It's a nice feeling to not fail on what look like tiny details of today. I am so glad to know that my day has started right. I've finally woken up early and my stomach and taste buds are all satisfied now. Wonderful!

*Pandesal (Spanish: pan de sal salt bread) is a rounded bread usually eaten by Filipinos. (Wikipedia.com)
**LPG- Liquefied petroleum gas

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  1. i used to talk to my boyfriend (now my hubby) up to 4am too and then wake up to go to work at 6am and we dont even have different timezone.. blame long distance love affair with no texting (this was 10years ago) and no webcam.. lol!

  2. Glad you had a great breakfast Maxi.. now go and have a great Day!

  3. Hi Maxi! :*

    Glad you had a great breakfast as well. I hope you have a great day my dear blugging friend! :)

  4. Really nice to have what we want wherever we are... LOL

  5. Maxi, it seems like the time is going by very quickly! I am sure your boyfriend misses you very much. Did it take you long to adjust to being warm again? Hope you are having a lot of fun and eating all your favorite foods!

  6. Maxi,
    Weather looks a wee bit warmer than your other home. ;) Meanwhile, hope you continue to have a safe and wonderful visit in your homeland. By the way, today I another a David tag from long ago. See - you're getting me to post more about myself.

  7. I understand.  Connecting to people these days are way a lot easier compared to 10 or more years back.  

  8. Sorry for this very delayed respond LJ.  Glad to have you here as always. Hugs!

  9. Oh my! I haven't been able to reply to this thread.  It feels so unfulfilling to see comments without replies at all. Sorry about that my blugging friend David.

    And yup. I did have a great day on that day. Hugs!

  10. I definitely agree on your comment yeokeehui.  :-D

  11. Hello Carmen. Yup. Time flies by so quickly and it has been 7 months before I have been able to reply on the posts of this thread.  Whew!  =-X

    I hope you are having  a great day, Carmen!

  12. Hello Frank. Sorry for the very late response and you're right.  The weather was warmer there compared to Sweden.  

    Have a fun day! Hugs!


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