My SM Fairview Day

by - Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Philippine Vacation: Day 9
Philippine Time: 8.37AM

"It's a strange thing, but when you are dreading something, and would give anything to slow down time, it has a disobliging habit of speeding up" ~J.K. Rowling

I wasn't aware that I had already spent nine days in the Philippines. Time flew --- even faster than Superman's speed! I was tracing my footsteps and became aware that I hadn't really been to the malls that much since the day I arrived (weird!). My first plan while I was still in Sweden was to rush to the malls and shop. That had never been my priority for the past days. My mom and brothers even wondered why I wasn't "mall hungry" anymore. I could not find the exact words for my reply. However, I must say that the past nine days had been awesome. Spending enough time with my family was enough to make my every day complete.

The only time I went out to visit the nearest mall was last Saturday. I wasn't really up to it but my mom needed to do the groceries so why not? I spent a few hours at SM Fairview with my mom and younger brother, Mark. It was a 45-minute drive from the apartment my mom's renting in Bulacan. The first thing that caught my eye was this:Free wi-fi for everyone! I wasn't aware of this. The last time I had my vacation (July 2009), only a few selected private spots (usually coffee shops) inside the malls were offering wi-fi services to their customers. This was a smart move actually. Malls would certainly attract more customers because of this.

Anyway, I went shoe shopping at the SM Department Store and purchased a pair which only cost me Php725. Not bad!I was hoping to shop for a dress but ended up saving the dress hunt for next time.

We did the groceries (oh how I miss Philippine grocery items!) and stopped by at Pizza Hut. After having our stomachs filled, we decided to head home. I was already tired and my legs were starting to feel heavy. However, on our way out, we spotted a military personnel with a dog on his side. I tried to ignore the "huge black thing" at first but couldn't resist the temptation. I approached the guy and asked for permission to play with his K-9 partner for awhile (I really love dogs!). He was nice and granted me the permission at once.
We were home at around 9PM. I had fun!

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  1. Looks like you are having a lot of fun sa vacation mo dito sa pinas! Very pretty shoes!

  2. Thanks aney! I really had so much fun!


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