Wednesday's Study Pause

by - Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Philippine Vacation: Day 10
Philippine Time: 2:20PM

I haven't done much today yet. I have read some of my books, done some school assignments, answered some online quizzes and got bored. After concentrating on my online courses for straight six hours, my brain has decided to take a pause.

While on pause, I've planned on going to the market to buy some fresh fruits. However, after noticing how hot it is outside, it is a better idea to put the plan on a later hour - perhaps when the sun's already resting temporarily.

For the meantime, blogging while going through some online Catalogues are my simple forms of amusement. So far, I've seen three beautifully crafted bags (please refer to the photos below) which I might add to my shopping wish list later. Unfortunately, due to my tight budget I have to narrow down my choices into just one. Which one to get? Decision... decision... decision. I really like the details of bag #1 however, the turquoise color of my second choice looks really attractive for me and bag #3's gold and white combination makes me want to go for it. Oh well. I'll decide on which bag to buy in awhile. The study pause is finally over. I need to go back to my books!

See you all again later!

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