Take Me To Long Beach!

by - Monday, February 08, 2010

My brothers and I had engaged ourselves in a Big Bang Theory marathon the whole night today. We managed to watch all the episodes of season one. Laughter was all over the apartment. It was a sure great way to spend most hours of the day with them.

In one of the episodes, Long Beach had been mentioned many times. I got my attention fastened to Long Beach for awhile there. I Googled it just minutes ago to see if it had to be added on my travel wish list.

Long Beach, the 36th largest city in the US is indeed a must-visit on my list. The Aquarium of the Pacific is considered to be one of the largest aquariums in the country which features a collection of more than 12,500 animals. This is one place I must not fail to visit at least once in my life. I wonder how much Long Beach vacation deals will cost me and my boyfriend if we fly there one day.

Seems interesting. There are lots of great deals in the many nice and strategically situated Long Beach hotels. There are even some hotels which offer free or discounted meals in top rated Long Beach restaurants just by booking at least a couple of nights with them. Now that's what I call a great deal!
Another activity to include in the Long Beach itinerary is the Carnival cruise travel. If ever our Long Beach vacation wish comes true, my boyfriend and I will definitely not miss the four day San Diego or the five day Miami cruises. I've checked the Carnival Pack and Go rates and I have to say that the prices are not that expensive. They do offer great deals all year round to cruise passengers which are worth checking out every now and then. I am looking forward to spend some nights on a cruise ship from Long Beach with my boyfriend. That's romantic!

Some more interesting places in Long Beach to visit are the Museum of Latin American Art, the Rancho Los Cerritos, The Sky Room and of course, the Laguna Beach!

How I wish to fly to Long Beach now! Take me to Long Beach now!

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  1. Sound very interesting. Like it!

  2. Ok Maxi ... so you want to go to Long Beach. Although I've been to California more than a few times, but I haven't been to LB yet. Oh well ... just remember that California has a lot of interesting places to visit as it is a diverse state.

    Hope your time at home is going well.

  3. Well, Ovah, I thought I should speak up, having lived in California now for 35 years ( I'm originally from GA ). If you come to CA and just stay in Long Beach, you're doing yourself a GREAT disserve. It is NOT the best place to visit by a long shot. Cruises to sail from that area but, in reality, San Diego is a much nicer area to visit as are some other parts of Orange County like Laguna Beach, etc. Also, Monterey and Carmel are beautiful and Monterey has a fabulous aquarium. I did live a year in Orange County when I first came to California but I moved to San Francisco after that and I think San Francisco is the most beautiful city in the U. S. The great wine regioin, Napa Valley, is only 60 miles from here. While this isn't exactly a beach destination ( there are beaches but the water is VERY cold - 55 degrees ), the scenery is spectacular.

    As for cruises, I've done 87 in my life, all over the world, including the capitals of Scandinavia, on several different cruise lines. In the last 15 years, I've done 77 on Royal Caribbean. In my own personal opinion, they are far better than Carnival. Talk to me a little bit before you make a final decision...and if you do get
    to San Francisco, let's get together for lunch or a drink!!

  4. Thanks a lot Frank!

    There are lots of pretty places in California to visit. I sure hope to be there one day.. soon.

  5. Thanks a lot Carmen for the info and advise. My boyfriend and I are planning on staying in California sometime. If ever, we might stay in LB for only 3 to 5 days and then visit other beautiful places in Ca.

    Will buzz you if my California dream is on the way! Hugs!


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