Cheers To The Soon-To-Be Couple!

by - Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I went online on Yahoo a month ago and chatted with my best friend in college. I went curious when she mentioned about how busy she was creating wedding invitations. I went, "What? Getting married soon?" Although I knew that she and his boyfriend were getting serious in their relationship, they did not mention any wedding bells yet to me which was why I reacted with a strong question mark.

Anyway, they are talking about settling down but not one day soon. They want to take things slow and smooth - that's something I respect! As of the moment, they are busy with their tiny business creating cheap wedding invitations. "So far, so good!" according to my friend. That's great to hear!

Speaking of weddings, another close friend of mine (who has just recently turned out to be my business partner, too) is getting married soon! It's just sad that I can't be there to witness her big day but I am pretty sure that everything will turn out alright. After all, she will be marrying the man of his dreams, the prince charming of her fairytale and the IT of her booming career. *wink*

(photo property of: Mae "Mayet" Romasanta)
As early as today, I am sending my warmest congratulations and sweetest wishes to Mayet and Archer! Hugs and may you have many more blessings to come!

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  1. Isn't it wonderful when good news such as this happens - there is too much of the other kind in the world today!

  2. Thank you so much, Anne. Will update you on our business soon. Pics to come, sweetie! Hugz! Btw, pls remember, I'm happy for you and your bebe too. SO MUCH!

  3. Wonderful news that your friends will be getting married. Beautiful wishes to them!


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