The Plan On Getting My Swedish Driver's License

by - Thursday, March 18, 2010

After having a delicious taco dinner at my boyfriend's mom's place five nights ago, we all looked for spots to sit down in the living room. We watched telly and talked about anything under the sun. Everyone was drinking alcoholohic beverages except for me. I was simply enjoying my cup of hot coffee and slice of chocolate cake while joining the conversation.

Since everyone has taken a sip of wine or beer, noone can drive home nor drive anybody home. Swedish driving rules strictly forbid people from driving even after sipping just 1mL of any drinks with alcohol. The fine is shockingly huge which is why noone in my boyfriend's family wants to take the risk (which is good actually - better safe than sorry).

So, anyway because I am the only one who never drinks I've promised the family that I'll apply for a driver's license by the time I get to find a job. Applying for a driver's license in this country isn't a joke. I need to go through an expensive intense driving course (which I need to pay my driving instructor per hour) and take a number of written and on-the-road exams. Nevertheless, I'll be happy to spend most parts of my first two salaries in reaching my goal of having a Swedish driver's license (not just to be able to drive home every member of the family whenever there are occasions but for me to be able to drive around the country, too). That would be terrific!

In connection with the driver's license plan, I also need to look into the possibility of having my own car. I am thinking of getting only a second hand car. Surprisingly, when one gets lucky, one can get a used car with a very good running condition in a really low price here. That's another thing I am looking forward to. If I get enough money, all I need to do is to pimp my car a little. I am sure that I can find a shop where I can get the specific Car Parts I will be needing for my car. When that time comes, my boyfriend will absolutely help me out in finding great deals on car accessories online. Oh... I can't wait!

Back to the dinner story, we bid farewell at around 3 o'clock in the morning. My boyfriend was suffering from gout that time so we ordered for a taxi to pick us up and take us home. The taxi driver was friendly but the meter wasn't. We were too tired to even worry about how much we paid. Well at least we were home safe and sound.

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  1. Maxi as in u should learn jud to drive! well for me when i took a driving exam oral and actual road exams in sharjah, UAE I was confident I would pass coz i already know how to drive here sa pinas, and grabe memorize ko to the max tanang road signs para jud kapasa sa oral exam, dili me writen, an instructor will point out a road sign and u answer it orally, that was how at that time 2006 they do their driver's exam there then actual of course nga makakulba, isug ang mg road exam, pero luckly I pass..

    i love driving as in!! oh well too bad now guba among service kay no budget for the repair ....whenever i feel bad naa ko mga probs i just go out for a drive to nowhere and i feel a bit okay na, and i love speed grabe ko maka speed pero im not reckless naman ha, im still a defensive driver...basta u shud learn to drive mag enjoy ka as in and its like ur second home na din ur car....hehehe...hope u can find a job soon and tell me when u know na how to drive...best of luck


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