Looking Forward To Experiencing The Caribbean Dream

by - Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The latest season of Robinson (Survivor Sweden 2009) was filmed entirely in the Caribbean. The eighteen participants fought for survival for two long months. I never let an episode pass me by. I just got hooked episode after an episode. Whew!

While watching Robinson, I've felt that I've been slowly falling in love with the Caribbean paradise. The fine white sand, the crystal clear blue waters and the beauty of nature are so fascinating. I am pretty sure that I will be spending some nights in the Caribbean one day.

Although I do not have yet a specific plan in mind, I have taken some time to check out a number of cheap caribbean coupons online. Just by going through the coupons, I find it difficult to take off my mind from dreaming about the hot summer breeze along one of Caribbean's beaches. Who can blame me? After the very long winter months here in Sweden, my body is aching for a beach getaway!

I have to update my vacation-wish-list soon. I am excited to discuss the list with my boyfriend. I have no idea whatsoever to which destination our travel-wish-list (and money/savings of course) will fly us to next time. As of now, I am looking forward to experiencing the Caribbean dream --- one day --- one day!

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  1. i always am in love with the caribbean...and hopefully someday I get to see it and experience it in person :-P

    thank you for your kind visit. i will be linking you among my favorite reads, love your blog. hope you keep visiting, and someday link me back :*

  2. Samamo ko ha? hehehe, happy St. patrick's day.


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