Lovin' Shakey's (Quezon Avenue Branch)

by - Thursday, March 11, 2010

After a long day at SM North EDSA, me and my brother, Mark decided to bring Madde and Micke at Shakey's (located along Quezon Avenue). After all, Madde and Micke were craving for pizza and spaghetti that night so we thought of having dinner at Shakey's before finally heading off to our apartment.

That night has marked my very first time to visit this Shakey's branch and man... I so love this outlet! It's spacious, has a very relaxing ambiance, surrounded by staff's friendly faces and of course good food!

We ordered a family-size pizza, a platter of spaghetti, fried chicken, a pitcher of softdrinks and my forever-Shakey's-fave --- MoJo Potatoes (mmmm. yum!).

I so want to go back there now and get an order of MoJo all for myself. How I wish!

on the photo below: Micke, Made, Mark and I at Shakey's Quezon Av.
Yes! They do have a Fun Zone! Cool!

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  1. I love mojos!! yum!

  2. I can see your blog now Maxi :)

  3. Thanks LadyJava. It was the domain renewal that made everything go chaotic.

    Thanks for the quick reply!!! You really are a great friend. Hugs!

  4. I love mojos, too. How I wish I have some now! :-D

  5. Hugs Maxi! Glad I was still up when you left that message J

  6. Yup. I was expecting for your response the following day already. Really thought you were zzzzzzzzzzzzing... Glad you were still up! :) :) :)

  7. I LOVE SHAKEY'S! of course the pizza...and the MOJO's too ;) ever favorite yan!

  8. I really love Shakey's, too, Jenie! :)


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