My Eight New Pairs Of Shoes

by - Sunday, March 07, 2010

Six days have quickly passed and I am still not done unpacking my luggage. My friends say that I might have not yet accepted the fact that the vacation's finally over. I don't think so. I am fully aware that I am back to my second home, Sweden. It's just that I do not have the sufficient amount of energy to unpack and find a space for my new clothes in my closet and my new shoes in my shoe corner. My closet's a mess and just thinking about rearranging everything makes me feel all worn out already.

Anyhoo, I was able to check out my new pairs of shoes yesterday afternoon. My boyfriend had asked me a couple of times about the number of pairs I would be adding on my shoe cabinet. Since I couln't figure out the exact number of pairs, yesterday afternoon I ditched laziness off my shoulder and started bringing out the shoes I bought while in the Philippines. After all, my boyfriend deserved a perfect answer. It turned out that a total of eight new pairs would be added up on my 60+ pairs of shoes in our apartment. Not bad! I thought that I only was able to bring with me four or five pairs. Eight was just perfect!
I got hold of two pairs of Converse (just realized now that both have shades of pink *wink*), three pairs of ballerina shoes (including a pair of white Crocs), two pairs of high-heeled shoes and a pair of white sandals. Too bad that I could not bring with me the shoe boxes. The boxes were too bulky to bring along.

The photo above makes me want to go shoe shopping again. But well... I have to stop this craziness or I'll end up filling our apartment with shoes. Yayks!

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  1. sexy legs and body7 March 2010 at 15:53

    Hi Maxi, great, you need to buy some more, a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes...

    Hope your week starts off well.

  2. Hi Maxi!

    I think Colin is correct because there's never enough shoes for most women. But at the same time, I understand not wanting to make your place look like a shoe store either. LOL! BTW, I forgot which ones you use for BWE! Hahaha.

    Have a great week ahead my very dear blugging friend! Hugs! :* ;) :)

  3. wohoo! u shopped till u dropped! =-O =-O =-O

  4. nice.... my hubby dont want me to keep buying too many shoes kasi nga daw. paano ko daw susuotin yon lahat... love your collection...

  5. how do you wear all those 60+ and eight more pairs of shoes, hahaha! I am just wondering, I never had that amount of pairs of shoes in my life. Now that I am a mother, everything is for the kids before I can even get a pair, and then I have to go to the clearance area. Great collection though. Take care

  6. sis, give it to me... hehehe... then shop for new ones. add me in ym sis... c u my ym rump_lady@yahoo.com

  7. Hi Maxi, wow.. cool shoes! I love it!

    S'yanga pala sis, oo grab ko mga badges mo at i-add kita sa lahat nang blogs ko {actually ang TIR nlng ang hindi ka na-add kasi long time ago nang na-add ka sa dalawa}- lahat nang badges mo din kukunin ko. Check it out.. see yah..



  8. Hi Maxi, done adding all the links in all my 3 blogs BlogRoll and Badges. Following you too in Google's Friend Connect and of course the three! :* You may to check it out.. :)

  9. Haha! That's funny (but true) Colin!

    I can't really understand why us women can't say no to shoes whenever we find something we really want.

    Hugs and have a great day! :)

  10. The ones I used on BWE aren't in this photo. It's an old pair of shoes. I know I have it somewhere. I have to reorganize my shoe corner again. Oh oh . Gosh gosh

    Thanks for dropping by here my blugging friend and you too... have a great week!!! ;)

  11. Yes Elai! I sure did! ;) ;) ;)

  12. True Nova. My mom doesn't like the idea of buying too much shoes kasi nga, we only have a pair of feet. Most of my shoes are still unused and in boxes. I really need to stop.

    Hugs to you and thanks for visiting my blog today. :) :) :)

  13. Thanks Liz.

    I actually haven't worn most pairs yet. There are lots of pairs which are still in boxes --- unused with tags left. I do not have any idea on when or where to use them. It's an addiction and I have to stop it soon.

    Have a great day and hope you get to find great deals on shoes soon.


  14. Hello Anne.

    Will sure add you to my YM... Wait lang. :)

  15. Hello Cacai! Thanks! REally cool shoes!

    Thanks for grabbing all my blogs' badges. I've already done the same thing so just go check it out!!

    Hugs to you!!! :) :) :)

  16. Thankie thankie Cacai. I've checked and the badges are doing fine. Thanks a lot for the exchanges!

    Please do let me know if something's wrong with the badges I've pasted on my Badge exchange page/corner... :)

  17. Thanks Kim :-)

  18. veterankindergartenteacher8 March 2010 at 02:50

    How do you wear all those shoes pretty lady? That is a lot of shoes....lol They are cute though.

  19. HI Maxi!Nice collection you have .I am crazy of shoes also...and according to my hubby, "I'm not surprise at all if you are buying too much shoes, after all , you and Imelda Marcos belong to the same country :-D :-D :-D

  20. wow that's alot of shoes :) nice.

  21. Hello hello...

    Thanks for dropping by here today.

    Oh! I do not wear all of those. Most are still in boxes, unused with price tags left. I don't know actually. What I know is, whenever I find a pair I really like and I know I can afford, I grab the pair and pay it. But as mentioned, I really have to stop buying shoes. :-D

    Have a pretty Monday!

  22. Haha! My boyfriend refers to me as Imelda sometimes. But unlike Imelda, my shoes aren't that fancy looking nor too expensive. :-D

    YOu are also one of us? --- a shoe lover? Good to know!! :-D

  23. Thank you very much for your time... and yes.. a lot of shoes already. :-D

  24. hahhaha...gosh! I can't keep up with the number of shoes you have...super dami....lol! na kung si hubby siguro...mabuang jud sya sa ako...ahhahaha....:)

    those are nice looking pair of footwear...pwede pahuwam....lol! mahimo jud ka imelda marcos ani dear....joke!

  25. Haha. My boyfriend went a bit crazy during the first few months of being together. Super dami raw kasi. But later on, nasanay rin. Sometimes, when he's out of town or out of the country, he buys dresses and shoes for me kaya lalong dumadami yung collection. ;)

    Haha. Kung duol ra ta, pahuwamon jud taka bah... unsa size imo tiil? ;)


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