Turning A Photo Into A Postcard

by - Monday, March 15, 2010

I have been thinking of having some of the photos taken during my 2010 Philippine vacation turned into postcards. I haven't been able to meet up with my friends while there so sending them a personalized postcard will be one great way for me to say hello to them.

I have already chosen a particular photo to be printed. I have also found a postcard printing store online early this morning which is great to have everything started.

The photo above was taken by my younger brother while we were sitting down at the Manila Ocean Park's (MOP) White Moon Bar. The sunset was so relaxing and peaceful to watch. I really loved the view! It was a perfect day to take a pause after our long day at MOP.

I am not sure yet but I might go for the gloss coating to make it look like a real postcard. I have to think of a personalized message to go with the card. I've been trying to compose a quotation related to sunset and life but can't seem to have the perfect words together. Now I know why I can never be a poet.

Oh well... I think I will have to go for something really simple. Got one! My quotation will be "Relax. Unwind. Feel the touch of the wind. Watch the sunset. Smile." Not too poetic but I like the sound of it.

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  1. halu pretty max, sorry just got the time today to visit.. gikinahanglan na jud ko mag to-on kay gitay-an na ni ako utok..heheh! lahi na jud! wish you're doin' fine!

  2. what a beautiful sunset..nice shot!! 8-) 8-)

  3. nice jud xa pang post card! and nice imong caption for it "Relax. Unwind. Feel the touch of the wind. Watch the sunset. Smile." ma recall na ko ng smile pirmi, though its kind of weird for someone to smile alone pero I do that jud smiling alone if I see something that I apreciate or is thinking of. Makagaan og feeling....

  4. Ako pud Janet. Kailangan na nako magtuon kay behind nako sa akong mga subjects. Nice to see you here. Thanks

  5. Thanks Trelmz! Ganahan jud ko ani na photo. Favorite nako ni sya as of now.

    Sige lang. Next time, magwatch ta ug sunset together ug mag smile... :) :) :)


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