Two Tankinis I So Want To Have!

by - Saturday, March 06, 2010

I've been feeling down for days now. Fever, headache and colds have hit me since the day I've come home from my Philippine vacation. It is most probably due to the very cold weather we are experiencing in Sweden at the moment. So far, this is the coldest and the longest winter for me. Believe me when I say that even if I come from a tropical country, I have nothing against winter and I love snow but this time around, I must admit that the temperature's too cold for me to handle. I so wish to fly to the Philippines (again) with my boyfriend and enjoy the beach NOW!

Since reality is poking me right at this very minute, I have to slow down on daydreaming about visiting my all-year-round summer spot (the Philippines). It can't be done at least for the succeeding six to eight months. My boyfriend needs to work while I have to focus on my studies. Oh well... doesn't matter. I am anyway aware that one day, my boyfriend will again be very busy booking for a flight for two to the Philippines. Until that time comes, I'll be patiently waiting.

Speaking of going to the beach, I've noticed that I do not really own a swimwear. Maybe it's time for me to finally have a pair or two in my closet. Hmmm... Voila! I've found two two-piece swimwears that are perfect for my taste!

This Bendita Praline by Agua Bendita Swimwear 2010 (please refer to the photo below) is something I've been searching for a long time. I so love the ruffles, the colors and the print. Since the top is a tankini (which is something I prefer than just bikini tops), this pair will provide me moderate coverage --- just the way I like it.
Just like Bendita Praline, the Soph Cobalt Bluson (please refer to the photo below) which is designed by Badgley Mischka, also provides moderate coverage. The drapery style down the middle of the tankini gives this bathing wear charm and elegance. Love it!To make my swimwear list (at least) complete, I might add the OndadeMar Swimwear Beach Cool Tunic on my beachwear must-haves (and the hat, too!). Oh my! I never thought that looking for swimwear for women could be so much fun!

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  1. bagay na sa imo Maxi kay slim ka, ako if wala koy bilbil mgbinaga kog nawong ba i'll wear 2 pc jud! hahaha, cge lang im workng out now man, i need to work out pud coz would u believe, naa koy osterarthritis!! toink!!

  2. Thanks Trelms! Bagay pud na nimo ui. Kaw jud!

    HOpe you feel a lot better Trelms. Hugs!


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