Very Affordable Prescription Glasses From Zenni

by - Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I get so irritated whenever I can't find my pair of eye glasses. I know it's just somewhere inside our apartment and yet, it takes time for me to retrace my footsteps and then finally finding my eye glasses. Most of the time I wish that my glasses have a tracer attached to them so whenever I forget where I've left them I can just tap a button and then follow my glasses' beeping sound. Now that sounds a lot easier.

My boyfriend has suggested to me many times to shop for a couple pairs of cheap eye glasses to have on the side. That certainly is a smart idea and I guess Zenni Optical is the answer to my eye glasses trouble. For the price of 8USD, I can buy a pair of complete quality prescription eye glasses. I've found these two pairs of reallyaffordable glasses without sacrificing my taste on fashion and style:
All I need to do now is to visit my eye specialist and ask for a copy of my prescription which I will be sending to Zenni to finally place my order with them. I can't wait to have a couple of pairs as reserves just in case my "amnesia" comes back again.

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  1. and I thought you just wear eyeglasses as part of your fashion, but u really do need them....

  2. Oh no Trelms... I really do need them. Kainis nga. It's a lot better without them.

    Hugs!!! :)


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