What A Nightmare!

by - Thursday, March 11, 2010

The first thing I needed to do right after my return to Sweden was to renew Ovah' Coffee's domain. So, I did it. I paid another 10USD for the renewal and thought that everything was already okey. However, about 3 hours ago I could no longer open my blog. I panicked! I did not know what to do. I even contacted LadyJava (Thanks for the quick check!) for help just incase there was something wrong with HTML or whatever the codes are called (something I could hardly comprehend).

It took me awhile to think of checking my email and when I did, I got so disappointed. Google sent me an email today stating that the domain registration renewal I fixed on the 4th of March powered by eNom failed. I wasn't aware of that since everything was going on well after the payment. It was just when I checked my inbox moments ago that I learned about the failed transaction. Oh my! I got so stressed and could not figure out what to do first.

My boyfriend helped out, retried the payment and verified everything. Just minutes ago, my blog's running on its domain again. However, I needed to resubmit my sitemap to Google since Google was giving me an error message due to the incident.

Now I am unsure if everything will go on smoothly --- with the sitemap, Google PR and everything. All I can do now is to wait and hope for the best.

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  1. ahh.. your renewal failed so your domain expired.. i thought it was a redirect error..

  2. good to know your blog is up again..it should all be fine now .. let me know if you need any help ok :)
    for not.. i'm off to bed :)
    Nite nite! :* :*

  3. yup. it's the renewal. Got an email from Google today.

  4. Thanks a lot for the help LJ. I will contact you ASAP about updates on my blog. Hope all will turn out fine now. Thanks so much! :)

  5. Let's hope all is up and running now...I've been out of commission and off line a great deal with my mother's heart attack and stroke and being away in Georgia to care for her. I'm finally back in San Francisco myself. I've sure missed everyone!

  6. veterankindergartenteacher12 March 2010 at 01:19

    It seems to be up and running now Ovah'. Have a great day tomorrow!

  7. I see your pagerank already Maxi.. so everything should be good now J

  8. That's a relief to know from an expert like you LJ. Thank you.

  9. Oh my!!! I hope your mother's feeling a lot better now, Carmen.

    We sure missed you, too!!! Hugs! ;)

  10. Yup. It's up and running now... hopefully, smoothly. ;)

  11. so sorry that happened to you.. but i'm sure everything will go back to normal.

  12. That;s a bummer.....but great thing I have a reliable host , Typepad....they do everything for me....whatever I asked and whatever is needed to do , I don't need to do it myself coz that's part of the hosting plan I paid them. That's why I like Typepad....I don't need to submit the sitemap, or verify and authenticate it to Google or even submit to search engines.....their system is powered to make every blog they host to be searched and crawled. I pay $8.95 a month with unlimited bandwidth, no ads (I control my own ads), 500 MB/month of storage, plus $10.00 a year for the domain registered at GoDAddy. GoDaddy is also the best and recommended by Typepad because Typepad staff can work with GoDaddy's interface.

    I am so glad I didn't choose Blogger or Wordpress..

  13. Thanks a lot Nova. You are such a sweet friend. I really hope that everything will be okey. :) :) :)

  14. Hi Maxi! :* :* :*

    Sorry that I'm just now reading this. It is running smoothly from what I see, and hope there are no other issues that come up.

    Hugs for you my dear blugging friend! ;) :)

  15. Hello Bingkee! So glad to see you here.

    Yup! Truly a bummer.

    You are so lucky to find Typepad. I am happy for you.

    About what happened. Actually it was my fault.

    I always forget to check my other email I am using for this blog. After having the domain renewed, I've thought that it's already okey. But haven't noticed a new reminder email from Google about the paypment not going through. OH well. I am just glad that it's all fixed now.

    Thanks for the info about Typepad. I will be looking into it just in case I am going to start another blog. I am thinking about it at the moment.

    Hugs to you pretty Bingkee!

  16. Thanks David! It's truly a relief to see it running smoothly again.

    It was during those scare hours when I panicked a lot. Oh my!

    Thanks a lot for dropping by here despite your very busy schedule.

    Hugs back to you my dear blugging friend! :) :) :)

  17. Scotty's Princess15 March 2010 at 16:47

    Oh! Oh! I didn't know you're back from your Phil. vacation na Pretty Maxi. Too bad we didn't get the chance to hang around...

  18. Yup. I'm back since 1March. Been too busy while in the Philippines. Wasn't able to fly down south. Maybe next time. Hopefully!

    Have a nice day Lainy! :)


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