The Fourth Anniversary Of Love

by - Monday, April 26, 2010

My boyfriend and I celebrated our 4th anniversary yesterday [Thanks for the lovely four years, Bebe!]. Even days before, we were planning on how we would spend our fourth year together. We agreed on going to the cinema and then having dinner later. However, since my boyfriend was still feeling low, we came up with a solution to visit our favorite restaurant located a few minutes away from the apartment, get two orders of Kebab for take out and enjoy the rest of the day watching some tv series and movies in the comfort of our own living room.

It had been a real fine day for both of us. It took us awhile to decide on what good movies to watch. Since we could not make up our minds, we browsed at a number of good movies blogged just recently. We came up with a long list of "this and that" as there were lots of interesting films with really nice reviews and Clash of the Titans was one of them.

Clash of the Titans was released in the cinemas [Sweden] a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, there were lots of concerns that needed our attention during that time that the plan on watching it on the big screen was set aside. Since we missed the opportunity to enjoy it in the cinema, we looked for a good page where we could download Clash of the Titans.
[Image from List of Good Movies]

As much as possible, we do not opt to downloading films but for the sake of the anniversary, we've given it a go. However, the internet connection has been a bit slow lately. We haven't been able to download the film completely! Sad sad! But well .... the download continues!

Anyway, since Clash of the Titans is still in process, we've spent some time watching an old zombie film "Braindead [1992]", the first two episodes of Criminal Minds Season 1, the latest episode of V and some comedy series on cable. Yup! We've been thinking about watching a romantic film to go with the celebration but well... we've enjoyed the day together and that what matters most!

Have a pretty Monday everyone!

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  1. http://awifescharmedlife.blogspot.com/26 April 2010 at 13:21

    happy anniversary!!

  2. Angels in my Life26 April 2010 at 17:17

    many more anniversary for both of you to come.. even have a more stronger relationship...

  3. wow 4 years...happy anniversary. hope to soon hear you tying the knot ;) and maybe you can hire me as your wedding planner =)

    have an award for you dear

  4. Hi Maxi! :* ;) :)

    Happy 4th anniversary and glad you enjoyed the day.

    Have a great week ahead my very dear blugging friend! ;) :)

  5. Hey my dear friend happy happy anniversary to you Maxie. My you be blessed with many many more to come. :*

  6. Thanks a lot Bill. Have been great four years! Counting...!

  7. Thanks for the greetings my dear blugging friend! HOpe all is well with you. Hugs!

  8. HIhi. No fixed wedding plans yet jenie! Will let you know when time comes. Hugs!

  9. Thanks a lot Nova! :) :) :)

  10. Thank you... :) :) :)


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