British Comedies In The Casino

by - Thursday, April 22, 2010

British comedy has been around for many years now. It had given loads of laughter and happy times to many English people. However, the Caesars Online scene, in particular, has not been tapped by the British producers and comedy writers, to become the set up for a wisecracking British comedy. Why is this so?

The Reason

Perhaps the reason behind this is the inevitable noise of the background. There are some things that happen in casinos that can be considered funny, but ultimately it is a place of thrill and excitement.

It is the thrill and excitement, which becomes the chief reason why casinos have become a permanent fixture in British action movies, particularly the spy movies- like James bond. In Casino Royale (1967), however, the world renowned director, Woody Allen, made a spoof of the typical James Bond movies.

This is why some critics viewed Casino Royale as somewhat corny because of the comedic elements that the director injected. Ultimately, this movie satisfied British audiences as well as international media. It showed the funny side of James Bond. It is basically a satire of Ian Fleming’s character and novel. There is another movie of the same name, which released in 2006.

Another reason why some writers shy away from using casinos as a backdrop for comedy is because they want to maintain a family element within the show. A situational comedy is usually shown with children as well as adults in mind. This is why it is usually set in the home, or in a suburban place. Another reason might be the lack of a reasonable amount of funny plots in casinos.


Casinos do have an element of fun. It is a place to enjoy and relax. However, perhaps the British networks still do not see the potential of using a casino for comedy.

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