Good Points On Getting A Day Bed

by - Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bebe has been planning on buying a new bed just in case a friend or family member comes over for a visit and will later on decide to stay for the night. At this moment, we have a single size mattress which we can easily lay down on the floor for our visitor. Although they do not really mind the situation, we've decided that it's time to look for a real bed.

Our first choice is to buy a standard single size bed. However, our first choice has been shifted to purchasing a day bed instead after accidentally stumbling upon the Mitch's Furniture and Bedding Liquidation website [http://www.nobodybeatsmitch.com/]. They have a huge selection of day beds there. If you live within the Arizona area, I suggest you check out their page as they allow people to shop online with a same-day delivery service.
Anyhoo... we do not have a huge space in our apartment and a day bed is just perfect to fit in a certain corner of our living room. I can't believe that we've overlooked on considering a day bed for our next furniture purchase. I mean, there are good points a day bed has:

First, since it looks like a couch [although a bit larger] it will still blend in nicely when placed in the living room.

Second, it's more practical since it doesn't eat up so much space.

Third, it is equipped with a trundle that is located under the bed. Whenever the situation calls for a larger bed, all we need to do is pull out the trundle. We then have a bed which is equivalent to the the size of two twin size mattresses.

Those are the first three advantages that come to mind once I think of day beds. So the next time you think of purchasing a bed for your guests, consider day beds.

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