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by - Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When in Sweden, I tend to slow down my shopping urges because of the golden prices of clothes, shoes and accessories. What I do is to visit my favorite stores from time to time to make sure that I don't miss out of great sale days. Even when looking for items on bargain, I make sure I don't hurt my wallet. I know when to apply the green, yellow and red lights when browsing for clothes.

Because I am a careful shopper here in Sweden, I make sure to balance my thriftiness with a number of "shop till you drop" days when in vacation in the Philippines. Shopping in the Philippines especially in the malls within the Metro Manila area is amazing. The malls are almost in every corner of the city. The boutiques are everywhere! If you love to shop, you will surely enjoy every minute of your everyday spent in the Philippines.Paying for your merchandise isn't as difficult as it used to be. Most shops accept credit cards and debit cards as well. During my second Philippine vacation, my card has been a good companion. It's such a blessing that my bank doesn't charge me for both local and international transactions. I need not bring along with me much cash everywhere. I shop and pay with my card --- hassle-free!

Did I shop till I drop when in the Philippines? Almost! If only airlines do not limit check-in luggages to only 20 kilos, I might have been able to do so. Well, I'll do some more shopping then during my third visit there. Not yet definite when but I am certain that there will be a next time.

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