A Hexagonal Glass Cabinet For The Living Room

by - Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In connection to one of my previous posts (about shopping for dinnerware sets), we are now looking into the possibility of buying a tall glass display cabinet. We have not yet decided on which one to get but a the hexagonal cabinet (please refer to the photo to your left) will for sure look great on our living room. Our new dinnerware sets are perfect for this type of glass cabinet. I just can't wait to have one.

A friend who's recently purchased two retail display cases for her newly opened shoe store is thinking of getting a hexagonal glass cabinet, too. This time, she'll be having it in her little girl's bedroom. Her one and only child has been asking her for a nice storage area where she can put her Barbie collection and this cabinet is what she'll be getting from her mom!

This week has been a busy one. We are hoping to finish the shopping list soon. I so look forward to putting the list into reality, throwing away the old stuff and redecorating the kitchen and the living room. I know that it's going to be exhausting but well --- I bet it's going to be fun and worth every energy!

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  1. http://awifescharmedlife.blogspot.com/14 April 2010 at 00:44

    i told my husband before that one day we should buy those kind of cabinets. i want to put all our camera gadgets inside hehe

    happy wednesday!

  2. It is always fun getting your home updated and making it special. It's well worth the har work.


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