The Huge Red Crocs!

by - Saturday, April 24, 2010

I am not really a huge fan of Crocs [sorry guys] but when Madde and I have spotted this huge right pair of red plastic clog at once we've exclaimed,"Picture picture, please!"
We of course got what we wanted [the Crocs photo shoot] and kept on walking. We were wondering where the other pair could be but it was nowhere to be found.

Unfortunately, this one's in the store for decorative purposes only [obviosly] and not for sale. If it has had a price tag on it, we've already purchased one each!

*Photo taken in front of the Crocs boutique in the SM Mall of Asia.*

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  1. wah ka dako ani nga crocs oi, may pa ka dghan photos sa bakasyon ang akoa kay na virus :( but ok lng better luck next time hehe..musta nmn ka Ann, ok na ka og imo bf?

  2. I have one pair of crocs, purchased at Costco - hot pink ones - they are certainly great for rainy days!

  3. Hello Carmen. I purchased a pair, too. A ballerina-styled one. Comfy!

  4. Haha. Oo Shy. Dako jud! Dili man pud for sale.


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