I'm Way Behind

by - Thursday, April 01, 2010

My printer has ran out of ink a month ago and up to now, I still have not bought a printer cartridge to put my printer back to work. Oh my! This school term ends in two months and I have lots of projects to submit. I might as well order one or two ink cartridges tomorrow so I can begin printing some of my homework.

Time really flies! I've woken up this morning realizing that it is already the first day of April. Stress and pressure is starting to crawl into my nerves as I have tons of assignments that need to be completed before this term ends. There are moments when I wish to turn back time. Since I can't, I just have to work double time to have everything done in time.

I have been suffering from fever, colds and cough for almost two weeks now which is the reason why I am way behind my subjects (and is also the reason why I haven't been able to update this blog regularly nowadays). By the time I feel a lot better, I will have to make sure that I am back on track. I believe that I can cope up for as long as I have my health back.

Oh! It's bedtime for me already. Nighty nighty everyone! I hope I wake up tomorrow fever-free. Until then!

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  1. Hi Maxi! :* ;) :)

    I hope you get better soon, and that your school projects go well, too. The blogging can wait since health and school far outweigh it.

    TGIF my very dear blugging friend! :) :) :)

  2. Scotty's Princess4 April 2010 at 10:00

    Hola Pretty Maxi! You get well quick. Missed you around here. Hope everything goes well for you...


  3. Get well, anne... It's going to be our kc's 3rd bday next wk. u were supposed to be invited if you were here. My prayers are with you. Muwah!


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