It's Tea Time For Bebe

by - Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My boyfriend [Bebe] opts for a cup of hot tea while for certain reasons I can't seem to figure out, I always choose coffee over tea. I do have a liking towards tea... it's just that it's not that strong of a "liking".

Anyway, we've ran out of tea a month ago. Bebe's favorite brand [which his best mate always buys for him whenever he travels in parts of Europe] is nowhere to be found in the local stores of Sweden. We've tried sweeping every grocery store in town but have been unsuccessful in our search. Since we are unsure when my boyfriend's mate is going to get his hands on his favorite tea, I've explored an online tea store and have found a certain Honeybush tea that my boyfriend might be interested in. I haven't placed it in my shopping cart yet. I am thinking that it's a lot better if I show my boyfriend the online page so he can choose freely from the huge selection of tea.

Since I've already done a bit of tea digging, I might as well extend my tea curiosity to find a pretty teapot and an elegant set of teacups on the same tea store and I've spotted these:
Awesome! These pieces are lovely! Without any doubt... I want these tea items.

Soon it's tea time for Bebe once again!

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  1. perti jud nang iyang bebe oi..heheh! musta naka dha max! di mo manuroy ug göteborg?

  2. Tea is good on certain occasions Maxie. :)

  3. I know. I've started drinking tea yesterday, Bill. But still my taste buds are not liking it. Might take time.

  4. I am okey. Not yet sure when ko makaadto dira. But I am hoping to go there someday and meet you guys! Hugs!


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