The Lady In Uniform

by - Thursday, April 22, 2010

As always, I logged in to my Facebook account this morning to check some private messages [PMs], comments and possible friend invites. It was a wonderful surprise to see a friend request from a former highschool friend who I lost contact with after our graduation. Without thinking twice, I clicked the accept button, checked her profile and while flipping through her photos a notice popped up informing me about a new PM in my inbox. It was her sending me a thank you note along with a short detail about her present life. We exchanged PMs for awhile which was great!

My friend told me about the path she took after receiving her highschool diploma. All I could remember was that she wanted to be a nurse but to my surprise, during the last minute she chose to enroll to a military school, got accepted, studied and after five years started her career in the army. Well, it was fate, I thought. After all, since junior high she had been talking a lot about the possibility of being one of the ladies in uniform.

Although she's a strong woman, she says that there are times when she feels like she's not tough enough for the job. She carries a rifle most of the time which she claims to be her best friend in times of war. She has mentioned about their division's latest issue of AR 15 rails that have arrived along with their tactical forearms. She hasn't put her new "best friend" to the test but she mentions that she likes it more compared to her old rifle.

My friend looks good, in fact pretty in her uniform. She has been my friend, is my friend and wil always be a friend to me. She's that tough lady in uniform.

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