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by - Friday, April 09, 2010

A few months ago, I have had the chance to chat with one of my high school buddies. She has just arrived in London after waiting for almost a year for her visa to be granted. She's working as a caregiver while studying at the same time. According to her, life in London is not a fairytale at all. She needs to work hard to cover up her monthly bills, send money to her family in the Philippines and save some more for her future. She also focuses on her studies in order to have a greater chance on getting a better paying job in days to come.

Although life in London has been difficult and lonely during her first few months of stay there, she believes that the man of her dreams is just around the corner and that they'll meet at the right time --- in the right place --- in the perfect moment. Well, she is a nice person which is why I believe that she'll meet the man of her dreams unexpectedly. I am confident that the next time we chat, she'll be telling me about her dating in London experiences. I wish her the best of luck in finding her Mr. Right!

Speaking of London, I am not 100% sure yet but my boyfriend and I might be traveling to London on the summer. I really want to hop inside the London Eye, see the city's lights at night and of course, meet my friend downtown!

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  1. London is so much fun...I've been there - and to other parts of England - about ten times over the years. It
    is such a wonderful city, filled with so much to do, great museums, shops, clubs, plays, so much history.

  2. Wow it would be great to go to London one day. Your friend sounds like a very sweet lady Maxie and i am also sure she will find a here special someone soon. Take care mi amiga ;)

  3. My boyfriend says so, too. He has been there a lot of times and has worked there for a couple of years, too. I really hope to see London myself. Maybe sometime this year or sometime in 2011.

    have a great day, Carmen.

  4. Yup. She is a wonderful woman. So dedicated in everything she does.

    I really hope to fly to London one day. :-D :-D :-D

    Have you been there already, Bill?


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