A Moment With Takoyakis

by - Thursday, April 22, 2010

While doing a bit of shopping with my younger brother [Mark] in one of the malls in Cubao [Philippines] I passed by a Takoyaki [commonly spelled with a "u" instead of an "o" in the Philippines = takuyaki] stall. Not being able to resist the mouth watering aroma, I did a small u-turn and checked out what the store had to offer.

I was about to order the regular vegetable and squid** Takoyaki but noticed the "Also in beef!" sign in front of me. Well, why not? I ordered both, waited awhile and done!

[While waiting for my order to be fixed]
[The vegetable and squid Takoyaki to your left and the beef version to your right]
[Taste taste taste!]
An order of Takoyaki doesn't cost much. Per serving of four [4] pieces only costs Php40 --- already complete with the sauce of your choice and fish shavings. Since each piece is so stuffed with tiny bits of the main ingredients, it's heavy in the stomach.

I wasn't able to finish all these. Four Takoyaki balls [two of each] were left untouched.

The verdict: The vegetable and squid Takoyaki is tastier and far more better for my taste buds to take. I will avoid ordering for the beef one next time.

See yah' latah' pipz!

**I am quite unsure if it's squid or octopus in it. Sorry.

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  1. sarap nyan sis! i also love takuyaki! :*

  2. I love takuyaki too! yumm!

  3. Me, too Kayce. Love ko Takuyaki! Yum yum eh.


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