Nexx's Amazing $10 Unlimited Web Hosting Plan

by - Saturday, April 17, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Nexx Inc. All opinions are 100% mine.
I have been looking into the possibility of establishing a humble business online. I already have constructed the concept regarding the business, contacted a few friends to help out and consulted a website design specialist about the probable upcoming project.

Since the business is going to start from small beginnings, I asked my website designer to find me a good Unlimited Web Hosting plan. I did not spend a long waiting time before I received good news from him. He told me about Nexx's very affordable hosting plan. For only $10 for the entire first year, I could already have my own [dot]com domain running.

The unbelievable $10 hosting plan comes with unlimited diskspace, unlimited bandwidth and a round-the-clock customer support service. Not only that. I will also be receiving advertising bonuses such as Google Adwords credits and Facebook ads credits (worth $50 each). Great, isn't it? And to top it all, the plan is backed up with a money back guarantee! Nexx has definitely exceeded my expectations.

Now that I have chosen the web host provider, all that's left to do is to dedicate a lot of hours with my little "team" to plan further for the business to succeed.

Unfortunately, aside from being sick for weeks now, and the fact that my boyfriend's dad has just passed away, I've decided to put the plan on hold. For the meantime, I will be focusing my time to personal matters. My boyfriend and his family needs me more now. By the time everything's okey, I will be getting back fixing everything that the business needs. It's just good to know that the minor (or rather the major) necessities to have the business running soon have already been decided.

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  1. yeah! goodluck to your business.:-) im also so happy for you. hapit na ta ma santos sa atong u know. take care diha, anne.

  2. STill need to do some brainstorming. Perhaps when everything's back to normal. Hope all is well 'Yet! Mwahugs!


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