On The Lookout For Some Pearl Pendants And Bracelets

by - Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I've currently looked into my jewelry box to see if something's missing. I frequently misplace some of them after taking them off. I've always promised myself time after time to be more careful however, it could be that some promises are but meant to be broken.

Anyway, while going through my earrings, I am unable to find a couple of pairs [the typical me]. I still haven't started the search. As of now, I am trying to remember where I might have put them. Those two pairs of earrings made out of pearls are new to my collection. I am so disappointed. Putting them back to my jewelry box after wearing them isn't that hard of a task and yet, I've decided to place it somewhere else. I guess I've learned my lesson now. My only hope is that by the time I get to have them again, the pieces are still together. I have this weird feeling that my cats have caught a glimpse of them and have had them as their toys. Oh no! I hope that my feeling's weird enough to be wrong.

In connection with my missing pearl earrings, I have this wishful thinking of getting a new pendant soon. To go with my pearl earrings [if I ever find them again], I am now looking into these three very pretty pearl pendants [please refer to the photo below ... photo source: www.purepearls.com] I like all three but if my wallet says that I can only afford one, the green light will go for pendant number two. I like the fact that it has this pinkish shine and of course, I really appreciate the heart accent that goes with the pendant. Lovely, right?
I am uncertain if my budget can still handle it but if ever, I also want to have my very first bracelet made of pearls. Although I am unsure if I will be getting one very soon, I've already grabbed the opportunity to see some pearl bracelets online. My eyes are fixed on this Pure Hearts Pearl Bracelet [refer to the photo below]. Yes! You've gotten it right! The main reasons for liking this bracelet are due to its pinkish glow and the heart that comes with the bracelet. This looks like a great match for the pendant --- that's if I can buy this one soon.
It is probably time for me to go look for the earrings now before proceeding on buying these pearl items online. I just want to be sure that the earrings are just somewhere in this apartment. If not, I might add some pearl earrings to my cart then.

Happy pearl hunting everyone!

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  1. hello Maxi! woot i love dat pic.. so pretty! ;) :)

  2. love that pic too....very sophisticated....hehhehe...pearl is very seductive...simple yet elegant!

    agoy, asa naman kaha to napadpad ang imong perlas tawon...ehehehe..sige lang pag buy nalang ug new...ehehhee

  3. Scotty's Princess15 April 2010 at 17:54

    :) :) :) :) :)

  4. Scotty's Princess15 April 2010 at 17:54

    Simply stunning! Drop dead gorgeous! How are yah, pretty Maxi? It's been a while :-)

  5. hi maxie.. laag ko diri dhay ha

  6. love the gem in such a nice pose better than those others;) missing your visits max...

    life round meNyou

  7. Yup. Really pretty pieces, aren't they? :-D

  8. True. Simple yet elegant. I love these pieces. I want them all! Ahhhh!

  9. Thanks for dropping by here today Lainy.

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Doing okey but not really that fine... :(

  10. Hello Grace. Thanks for dropping by. hope you left your URL so I can visit your blog, too.

  11. OH! Thanks a lot Jenie.

    Will visit your blogs real soon. Hugs!


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