Our First Breakfast In Hong Kong

by - Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our first day in Hong Kong [vacation 2009] was wearisome. We arrived three hours earlier before the rooms that we booked at Dorsett Far East Hotel was ready to accommodate us. Although exhausted, we came up with a plan to roam around the vicinity with hopes to lessen our level of boredom.

Since it was still 9 o'clock in the morning, the malls and major boutiques surrounding the hotel were still closed. Lo, Bebe and I did some more walking until we came across a Chinese restaurant located a few steps away from a huge mall.

[Lo, Me and Bebe]
The main problem was the language. The people working in the restaurant couldn't speak any English at all while we knew nothing about their language. The menu was filled with Chinese characters = puzzling! It was a good thing that there were photos of the dishes so what we did was to point the photo of the dish we would want to order. It worked just fine! It didn't took awhile until our orders were done.

[My order: a bowl of macaroni soup served with luncheon meat and fried egg]
[Bebe's order: a plate of rice topped with fried beef, veggies and egg]
[Lo's order: omelette stuffed with veggies and meat plus a piece of bread and slices of tomatoes on the side]
The price was delightfully good. After our great Chinese breakfast, we left the restaurant with smiles on our faces and headed straight to the mall!

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