Picnic Fun!

by - Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reminiscin', Bebe and I had a fun picnic moment one sunny day two summers ago. We thought of doing the same thing again but wasn't able to go through with the plan last year since we spent most of the days travelling to the Philippines and Hong Kong.

Since summer of 2010 looks to be promising, we might be spending some picnic days soon. We do not have any fixed plans yet but we're looking forward to spending a few lovely sunny hours near the forest or a lake while doing some outdoor grilling. Fun!
Unfortunately, we obviously are in need of a few picnic items --- a picnic basket and a couple of outdoor chairs to make our picnic day a whole lot cozier. Well, I have no issues sitting on a huge towel being spread on the ground however I'll definitely go for a picnic chair if there's one available. I've spotted a red mesh chair with a carry strap on the internet some days ago. I will probably check on that again and see if my budget can handle the price. I wonder if we also need a new camping mat and some grilling items. I have to check on that later.

Oh my! No exact picnic plans yet but I am already having this picnic-ky feeling! *excited!*

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