Sexy Lingerie On Sale!

by - Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Have you checked your closet of intimate apparel lately? Do you look forward to adding some more sexy lingerie to your collection? If you are, then head out to ABCunderwear.com's website at once and check their discount lingerie section. You will definitely be surprised to see a huge selection of lingerie priced under $10. The sexy items above are on sale. These four are my personal choices as they aren't that daring however, they still have the touch of sexiness and sweetness. As of the moment, these lingerie pieces are on sale. Pretty pieces numbers 1,2 and 4 only cost $9.99 while lingerie number 3 has a tag price of $11.99. Truly low prices for beautifully designed lingerie, isn't it?

I have not had the time to look into my lingerie closet but I am certain that it is time for me to order at least two of these items soon. If ever, I will be going for my red and blue choices (numbers 1 and 4 on the photo). I really have my eyes focused on these two.

Speaking of lingerie... I think that it is a good idea to order one for my friend who is going to walk down the isle soon. She loves the color red so I will be hunting for a red lingerie for her. I just hope to find the design she'll like.

I better take a pause for awhile and check some sexy lingerie online. Later friends!

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  1. Lovely items and I'm sure they will look that way on you!

  2. Those are pretty nice... okay i may sound stingy but those are just wayyyy too expensive for my budget... got a child now must have to watch what to buy and i know i'm way too tight with money...you can't blame me... must save it for our son...hehehehe..thanks for the info.. i might still grab one to seduce my hubby...lol..well see..

  3. :* :* :* hi Maxi!

  4. I just love sexy lingerie. I can't get enough of them! ;) :)


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