Three Cool Summer Shoes

by - Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The temperature is still cold. No longer freezing but still cold. The snow is gone to give way to spring. The land is green again, the flowers are slowly filling the town with colors and the trees are starting to bear fruits again. Those thick winter jackets are folded and kept into hiding. My warm boots are back in the boxes. The earmuffs, wintergloves, leg warmers and thick scarves are neatly wrapped in plastic bags and set aside for awhile.

A few weeks from now, spring's gone and it's officially summer time once more! [wishful thinking: that Pappa Bengt's here to enjoy summer with us]

There's no reason for me to buy new pairs of shoes for the upcoming summer. There's more than enough pairs for my feet to put on. However, it's always a part of my life to check out what are already out in stores as early as today and I've seen three cool summer shoes with cool summer price tags [please refer to the photo to your left]. The first pair costs 299 Swedish crowns while the other two are only priced at 199. Not bad at all.

Trying to recall, I believe I have a pair of shoes which looks like the second one and another pair that seems to be similar with the white slip-in-styled sandal. I'll check that out later. As of now, I'll google for some more summer shoes!

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  1. Yeah for warmer weather and glad to say goodbye to the cold days. There always a reason for new shoes or at least that is what my wife says LOL. I hope your headache goes away soon my friend ;)

  2. My headache's on and off and it isn't comfortable at all. I've taken ibuprofen awhile ago and headache has slowly vanished... at least for the moment.

    Women love shoes... I guess more than we love diamonds. I mean, I am not a "diamond" type of girl... I go for shoes and clothes! :-D :-D :-D :-D

  3. Hi Maxi! :* ;) :)

    Yes, I'm relieved winter is over, too. Oh yeah, women and their shoes! LOL!

    I hope you get over that headache soon as well!

    Good night to you my very dear blugging friend! ;) :)

  4. I was supposed to go to bed hours ago but my headache came back and woke me up. I went blogging for awhile with hopes that I would get sleepy soon.

    The headache's still there but my eyes are starting to get really tired soon. WEll, at least blogging has worked for me.

    Yup! Women and our shoes. Hi hi. Who can live without them?

    Thanks for dropping by my dear blugging friend... :) :) :)


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