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by - Thursday, April 22, 2010

There are a lot of bands that go to U.S. campuses to search for the perfect vocalists and other musicians that would fit in their group. They conduct auditions and various musical events to discover new and unadulterated talent. In connection to this, some of the most famous universities like Berkeley, as well as musicians from many music institutes in Los Angeles, go on tours to find the best talent that many schools have to offer.

Advantages of College Tours

• One advantage of these college tours is that they are able to find raw talent at educational institutes. They can be assured that most of the students are fresh faces that are not yet signed by any record company.
• Aside from this, these tours are able to find talent that is best suited for most bands. Music bands look for fresh talent, because most of the students, who audition in the college tour musician tryouts, have been well trained because of the various music programs that their colleges organize.
• Also, some of the college music groups go on tours themselves to represent their college, such as Berkeley, in various choral group contests.
• Band managers and music producers just have to monitor these state-wide contests to find the perfect member for their band.

Additional Points

These schools do not discriminate against race or colour. In fact, one school is already auditioning and training African American students for their music program. This is to avoid any racial negativity. As long as you can play an instrument or sing a song, you would still have a chance to get into their bands. There are many types of accommodation for these student musicians. If you are a budding musician travelling to or near Arizona, you can look for some University of Arizona apartments to stay.

College tours will definitely help you be discovered. So if you want to share your talent, be active in all school events and band auditions.

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  1. Good advice for young people interested in music careers.

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    thanks for the infos...

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