Cherry - The Family's New Princess

by - Thursday, May 06, 2010

When my younger brother's 30th birthday marked the calendar on the last day of March, his only wish was to have a Chow Chow for the family. Wish granted! That same day, my brother and mom went to pick up Cherry, a four-month-old blue-tongued female Chow.
The following morning, I received an email from my brother about Cherry's arrival at their apartment. The email came with a number of photos of the new member of the family. While going through the pics, my first impression about the dog was that she seemed too shy to pose in front of the camera and I was right! My brother told me that taking a good shot of Cherry was next to impossible. Nevertheless, the very first time I took a glimpse on her shots, I fell in love with her at once. She looked so lovely, adorable and ohhh... I just could not stop wishing to be there at this very instance so I could cuddle and play with Cherry already.

Anyway, two weeks ago my mom informed me about Cherry's visit to the vet. Cherry had a dental check-up first, then her legs, hips and knees were examined to ensure that she wasn't suffering from patellar luxation nor hip dysplasia and then lastly, Cherry's coat and skin were also scrutinized carefully by the vet to make sure that she was free from certain parasites and other skin/coat-related disorders. It turned out that Cherry's health was in good condition! Right before leaving the clinic, the vet handed my mom a prescription of necessary petmeds [http://www.vetdepot.com/] for our Chow [the usual Frontline Plus for Dogs and Heartgard] to maintain Cherry's sound and vigorous health.

Cherry is now five months and two weeks old and is very active! She's the family's new princess and I can't wait to finally meet this pretty Chow!

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  1. we love dogs! got 5 of em! 3 locally breed dogs, a labrador and a dachshund. they make us smile everyday with the antics they do!

  2. Wow! I can't wait to meet your dogs! 5 ...too many for me to handle but I bet I will enjoy playing with them! Send my kisses to your pretty dogs! Mwahugs!


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