Greenwich's Pizza Fries [Pepperoni]

by - Thursday, May 06, 2010

While in the Philippines for four weeks, I made it a point to visit Greenwich at least once during my entire stay there. With so many things I wanted to do, I almost forgot the Greenwich plan. Whew!

I visited Greenwich [located in Tungko, Bulacan] with my brother [Mark], Micke and Madde. Micke and Madde went for a huge pizza that they shared together. Mark and I weren't hungry that time so we just ordered a tall glass of iced chocolate [one each] with jelly bits. Before paying for our bill, I caught a glimpse of Greenwich's Pizza Fries. I asked the attendant about it and she recommended the Pepperoni flavored fries to us instead of the Garlic and Cheese. According to her, it was one of the store's bestsellers. Mark and I decided to try it first so we added a box of solo-sized Pepperoni Pizza Fries to our order.The verdict: It was horrible. I am so sorry to say this but it tasted like crap. The pepperoni taste was too much and it was too salty for our taste buds to take. I ended up wondering why the attendant told us that it was one of their bestsellers. What were they thinking?

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