Looking Forward To Another Bingo Moment!

by - Thursday, May 06, 2010

Three weeks from now, a couple of my blogger friends are scheduled to drop by my town for a short visit. I've received a text message from them some days ago confirming the plan. We still haven't talked about what to do really while they're here so I've thought of making a short list of the possible fun activities we can do together.

Since I enjoy playing Bingo [http://www.888ladies.com/], it definitely will go on the top of my list. I've learned to play the game during my grade school years and man! --- how exciting! I haven't played Bingo with friends or relatives for months now and I really miss those Bingo moments already. At times when I spend hours at my boyfriend's mom's place, we play Bingo online together. We do not usually win but the fun of playing the game at the same time is beyond compare. We shout in excitement, we laugh at our misfortunes and we usually yell "Bingo!" as loud as our vocal cords can reach whenever we hit the jackpot! Well, I usually add a little wiggling of my butt while shouting "Bingo!" while mom is satisfied to watch my "wiggly butt" signature dance.

Anyway, back to my friends' upcoming visit, I am certain that they will enjoy playing Bingo with me. I am not sure though if they'll appreciate my wiggling butt while screaming "Bingo!". Even if they won't we will definitely have fun-filled Bingo hours together. I am so looking forward to that!

Aside from spending some Bingo time in our apartment, we might also visit our town's mini golf course field, watch a romantic comedy film and probably play some rock band. Without a doubt, it is going to be a well spent day with my friends.

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