On The Way To Fixing A More Comfortable Apartment Unit

by - Thursday, May 06, 2010

Our apartment's living room is going to undergo a slight change in the days to come. We've finally decided on replacing our old corner sofa set with a fresher looking bed sofa. The new sofa set will arrive anytime tomorrow. We will be spending a lot of time putting the pieces together and rearranging most items in our living room on Saturday and after that, it's time to focus our attention to our bathroom.

Although our bathroom at first look doesn't seem to be in desperate need of change, it actually is. It's not falling apart [at least not yet] but we certainly need to purchase necessary bathroom accessories soon.

Three mornings ago, while I was busy cleaning the bathtub I felt something hard struck my head. I was dizzy for awhile then I realized that it was the shower head that hit me. Unfortunately, the shower holder was already a bit lose and was in a really bad shape. It obviously needed to be replaced. Since it was literally a pain in the head, the shower holder would be the first one to be removed [and replaced of course] as soon as the fixing of the bathroom would begin.

Photo source: http://www.ukbathrooms.com/

My boyfriend and I have also considered removing the old towel rail and robe rings and replacing them with new ones. The old pieces we have in our bathroom now are already rusty and useless. Ordering for new robe rings and towel rails are also in the priority list.

Our old toilet seat must also go. One of its screws has long been gone and its no longer comfortable to sit on. I wouldn't actually mind adding a soft close toilet seat on the list. I am pretty sure that my boyfriend will agree with the decision.

I will be facing a busy week rearranging furniture, removing and fixing stuff and making the apartment more comfortable to live in. It sounds like a tiresome week but I am honestly excited about it!

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