Our Iron Man 2 Night

by - Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My boyfriend and I made it to the last day of Iron Man 2's showing in our town's only cinema. Despite my Bebe's busy schedule, he made it a point not to miss seeing Iron Man 2 on the big screen.

Iron Man 2 was scheduled to air its last full show at 8.15PM. My boyfriend made a seat reservation for two online a couple of hours earlier. Due to excitement, we arrived at the cinema at around 7.20PM which wasn't really bad since we were able to snap some photos before the movie started. Aside from that, we also avoided the long popcorn and soda lines.

[At the Svea Bio: It was already past 7 in the evening and the sun was still up!]
[Before the movie started: We took some photo of us inside the cinema]

Our Iron Man 2 experience had been wonderful. We couldn't stop talking about the film on our way home. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

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  1. can't wait to see it too on the big screen...was it really good i bet


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