Really Pretty Ballerinas

by - Saturday, May 08, 2010

I went through my pairs of shoes lately. I really did not do anything. I just wanted to see how my shoes were doing. Since most of them had been kept in their original boxes, they still looked almost unused. Well honestly speaking, most of them actually didn't had the chance to step out of the apartment yet. After checkin' out on them, I placed each pair back to their original boxes - all piled up on one corner of the hallway.

You might think that I am sick. If I am, then I am obviously in denial. Refer to me as a shoe-aholic, shoe addict or whatever you like. It doesn't matter anyway. All I know is that I love shoes! Just like most women out there, I enjoy purchasing shoes although I am aware that I own a lot already .... so many that I have even forgotten that some of them exist in my collection.

Speaking of shoes... ehem... hear we go:

I took some time looking for online catalogues of ballerina shoes this morning. I know. Shoes again? But yes. Shoes again and guess what? The Rosario collection of PrettyBallerinas.com were so adorable that I wanted to buy one pair each of every color available. Woo hoo!
I am drooling! I want to add these eight ballerina pairs to my pile of shoes. I wish!

Despite of temptation's very strong force, I've given it a thought to pass this time. It does feel good to finally say no to my shoe desire. Besides, at the moment, I do have some ballerina shoes which are waiting for my attention. Perhaps I'll spend some quality time with my old new shoes [if you know what I mean] first before paying for a new pair.

Ooopsss.. it's past bedtime already. Nighty nighty everyone! Hugs!

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  1. hello Maxi! ganda naman nyan...bibilhin mo ba yan lahat...hehehe...hilig mo pala shoes pwede na tayong mag shopping nang shoes sa Italy....hehehe! :)

    have a good wekend...kram

  2. I, too, have so many shoes that I haven't worn in several years. As I will soon have to move and down size, I will seirously have to go through them and put a large number in the Goodwill pile.

  3. Oh my! YOu, too? I can't stop myself from buying. Love shoes!

  4. Hello Khim. Super gaganda nga eh. Di ko sure if bibili ako. Pero I find their shoes very cute!


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