Sheffield Baseball Club - Watch Chicago Cubs Play In Style

by - Monday, May 03, 2010

Are you a Chicago Cubs fan? If you are, haven't you ever dreamed of being able to watch the game with a better view? Ever heard about Sheffield Baseball Club? If you still haven't, better check them out!
Sheffield Baseball Club offers you a great baseball experience. It stands just 454 feet away from the home plate --- so near that you will never miss any baseball moment. The outdoor rooftop area is spacious and can accommodate up to 200 Chicago Cubs fans. If you feel like staying indoors, each level [consist of three] has a bar area with wall mounted television sets all over the place. Not only that. If ever you need to take a toilet break, you will never miss a second of the game since there are flat screen tvs in every toilet! Take a toilet break whenever you want to without worrying about missing any second of the game. How awesome is that?

Thinking about taking your friends and family members in an exclusive rooftop suite [http://www.sheffieldbaseballclub.com/all-star-suite.htm]? The All-Star Suite at Sheffield Baseball Club is waiting for you! With it's 3,000 square foot area, your family and friends will definitely enjoy one great baseball night at the All-Star Suite. [For reservations, you can reach them at 1-773-841-5387 or email them at info@sheffieldbaseballclub.com]

The next time you watch your favorite Chicago Cubs play, see them play in style. Check out Sheffield Baseball Club!

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  1. Hi Maxi! :* ;) :)

    You made my day talking about my favorite baseball team! I will be checking out a game at Wrigley Field before too long although I have been by the park before.

    My friend named Kenny, who I went to high school with, has watched a game from the Sheffield Baseball Club. He liked it A LOT!

    Have a great week my very dear blugging friend! ;) :)

  2. Hello Maxi! got an sisterhood award for you hope you like it and grabb it...

    take care and keep in touch...


    Khim :-D

  3. Thanks for the award Khim!

  4. Haha! Good to know! I haven't watched a baseball game but will sure do when we visit the US! Might be next year of a couple of years from now. Can't wait!

    Hope all is well with you my blugging friend!


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