Teddies, Teddies, Teddies!

by - Friday, May 28, 2010

Girls love teddies!

While going around the Department Store of SM Mall of Asia, we spotted a group of teddy bears waving at us. Cuddly and irresistible, Madde and I hugged the big ones. The teddy bears were only priced at around Php 1,200 which wasn't bad at all. We wished we could take them back home to Sweden. If only we could fit them inside our luggage, why not? *sigh*
Because we could not take the huge teddies with us, we opted to taking a pair of piglet bedroom slippers instead. Great buy, I should say since each pair had a price tag of only Php179.
These pair of bedroom slippers are really comfortable [aside from being so cute]. Perfect for the cold months in Sweden!

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  1. Ang cute naman ng slippers na nabili nyo!

  2. Yup! Really cute! I've worn mine a lot of times already. Love it!

  3. Thanks thanks Anney. REally really cute. Sana nga dalawa nabili ko eh. Hugs!


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