One PS3 Rock Band Night

by - Tuesday, June 15, 2010

As soon as Bebe received his PS3 gift on his birthday [March 2010], he started purchasing game discs and gadgets at once. He got hold of loads of PS3 games, another wireless remote control, a dance pad and the rock band set.

So far, our favorite PS3 games are Virtual Tennis and Rock Band. I've posted awhile back about the defective guitar of the Rock Band set we've gotten which has been quickly replaced by the company.

Three weeks ago, Bebe and I have had a great time playing Rock Band with Lo. Bebe is best in playing the drums while Lo is great with the guitar. I am not sure what my favorite instrument is. I like beating the drums, I enjoy strumming the guitar and I love to sing --- maybe all three!

On the photo below: Bebe and Lo jammin' the night away
On the photo below: Me on the drums and Lo [as usual] on guitar
...And after a number of tries, I've gotten a crispy 99% score! Yeah!
Playing Rock Band is so much fun!

Before I finally wave goodbye for today, let me shout to the world, "Happy birthday mommy! Luv yah'!"

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  1. It's nice that ALL of you have gotten so much fun out of your honey's birthday present!

  2. :'( I am not hearing anything from you. Please find time to check your email. If not, leave a comment on this blog for me to know what happened: http://liezl-read-write.blogspot.com/


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