Customized Cute Geek Shirts + Coupons = Savings!

by - Tuesday, August 10, 2010

If you are a "clothes-a-holic" [like me ◕‿◕], I highly suggest that you take some time to go through Billy's Savings Club's 10 Ways to Save on Clothes [and Still Look Great; http://www.billy.com/] list. There, you'll definitely find Billy's advice practical and useful.

According to Billy's tip number 7, it is a smart way to shop online because we can easily compare prices from one shop to another with just a click of the mouse in which I agree. I am not a geek [I really wish I am!] but I am trying to find really cool Geeky t-shirts for me to wear. I find shirts with Geeky prints straightforward and cute. After Googling for online shops, comparing products and prices, I've stumbled upon a great store that has a wide array of custom t-shirts at reasonable price. My top 3 favorite Cafepress custom t-shirts [http://www.cafepress.com/] are as follows:

The Geek in Binary T-Shirt:
The I My Geek T-Shirt:
The Someone's Following Me T-Shirt:
Cool, 'eh?

Aside from the awesome shirts above, I've also spotted a really interesting mug, the Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Mug which is the upgraded version of the rock paper scissors game that is inspired by my ever favorite nerdy-filled tv-sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. I so love this mug!
I am checking Savings.com [http://www.savings.com/] from time to time to grab some Cafepress coupons --- my way of looking for those "knockoffs", Billy's tip number 6! Unfortunately, there isn't any available coupons at the moment. I've registered using my Facebook account to get notified if ever there are coupons up for grabs [hopefully, soon!].

Customized Cute Geek Shirts + Coupons = Savings! ~~~ Two thumbs and two big toes up!

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  1. pretty interesting you can actually make your own design whether if its a shirt or a mug


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